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What do you want out of life? Would it be better to accelerate into your best life instead of leaving it in cruise control? Are you ready to stop finding excuses and start killing the game of life? This and so much more can be yours!

As the old adage goes - “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together”. Well, I am here today to lead you and to walk with you on your path to greatness.

When you hire a coach - you are looking at many options.  If you aren't careful, don't chose wisely, and pick someone average -  you will end up with average, or even worse, results. But, if you are finally ready to go the extra mile, to do the work, to break through the hardest of brick walls, to shatter the glass ceiling - If the answer to that is a "HELL YES!" - Then you have found your path, you have found iamIronPanda!

I promise that you no longer have to lurk in fear  of your future - Let’s take control together today and let's LEVEL UP!



"Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate

and define you."

                                                        – Thomas Jefferson

Don't wait. Don't waste any more time in your life. Make a small step.

Jason is offering a unique opportunity to get an ABSOLUTELY FREE 15-minute call with him to discover your needs and propose the best plan.


Ready to accelerate your path to success and fulfillment in life, business, relationships? Then this exclusive coaching opportunity is for you! You will be joining a small group of like-minded peers from different backgrounds and cover different topics every month.

  - Limited to 12 members
  - Weekly 1-on-1 coaching session (1 hour/week)
  - Weekly live group and Q&A sessions
  - Special quests live sessions
  - Panda Cave only retreats!
  - Exclusive WhatsApp group
  - Unlimited access to all resources
  - Welcome Panda Gear package and 25% discount on all gear!







*Savings of $6,000


This highly exclusive opportunity is for those who are ready to ROCK THE JUNGLE and become an IronPanda in record time!

It is an application-based highly individualized coaching program. Click below to inquire about pricing and details.

  - Includes all benefits of the Panda Cave

  - Plus custom 1-on-1 coaching with Jason!

PANDA CLUB Facebook Group

Join this this ABSOLUTELY FREE Facebook group to get the latest content from Jason! Get access to his Live sessions and most recent announcements. Collaborate, share, and build meaningful relationships with like-minded growth-focused individuals!

Become a Founding Member of Panda Clan for

ONLY $97/month and unlock an unlimited value from Jason's coaching!

  - Monthly 1-on-1 accountability coaching session (30min)

  - Weekly live Q&A with Jason

  - Weekly group session recorded content for members only

  - Recorded special guest content for members only

  - Access to PDFs and library of resources

  - 15% discount on Panda Gear

  - PANDA CLUB Facebook group access




Has 2020 taken its toll on you?...
Is 2021 coming at you like a storm on the open sea?..
Do you feel like you are spiraling out of control?...
Come join me on a journey to reclaim your life with intentionality, focus, and perhaps most importantly, get yourself in the proper headspace of living a life worthy of the HERO that lies within us all!


In this series we will:

  • Focus on Fact vs. Fiction

  • Get rid of the limiting beliefs and past failures

  • Reframe your wants vs. your needs

  • Make you work for YOU

  • Stop believing in false narratives

  • Learn how to enjoy downtime

  • Accomplish what you want, when you want

What you will get:

  • Actual Tools - none of those rah-rah, cheerleader-type coaching with smoke and mirrors. You get real practical tools of the pro's from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  • Instructions on getting out of your own way, permanently.

Did I mention TOOLS?... yeah, we have those, and NOW YOU WILL TOO!

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