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Introducing MetaMorph: An exclusive coaching program for young adults.


Join Jason Bussey, the IRON PANDA, in celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month with the launch of MetaMorph, a coaching group designed exclusively for young adults aged 15-22.

Why should you be EXCITED to join MetaMorph?

  • Gain practical tools to navigate daily challenges and achieve success.

  • Receive, in a safe and inclusive group setting, answers to your burning questions.

  • Access pro tips for gaining an edge in life's game.

  • Receive guidance from the MetaMorph family on choosing a path for long-term benefits.

  • Engage with a supportive young adult community focused on growth and learning.

Uplifted Youth


Panda MetaMorph Team Members enjoy FREE access to the MetaMorph program, including LIVE monthly coaching calls with Jason.


 Are you struggling but don’t know how to talk about it?


Well, you're in the right place. We've got your back!

Topics covered in MetaMorph include:

  • Managing Physical and Emotional Changes

  • Navigating Relationships and Dating

  • Building Resilience and Responding to Peer Pressure

  • Improving Communication Skills, and much more!

Submit your application now to become a member of this exclusive club for young adults and receive further details. Let's embark on this journey of transformation together!

Not sure if you want to join? Ask Jason a question here.

Would you like the Iron Panda team to send this opportunity to a teen or young adult you know? We are happy to send them a text to introduce the idea and give them a link to learn more.

Shoot us their information and we'll take care of the rest!

Thanks for submitting!

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